Skilled Real Estate Agent Services in Bangkok

Bangkok Commercial Real Estate ServicesBy listing a property for sale with us, we offer clients participation in our big data driven business core of analytics, globally targeted marketing & financial expertise, allowing their property to be  broadcasted for sale to a highly targeted and active buying audience of brokers, agents and buyers, worldwide. In addition to having an office at Silom Complex, we have offices in Southern California which actively sell and buy real estate and performs acts as Real Estate Agents, since 2002, thereby allowing properties in Bangkok for sale to be marketed legally and ethically in the USA, which will serve to increase the pool of available buyers.

As real estate agents in Bangkok, we will negotiate, so that real estate owners do not have to be the seller and negotiator. We have a thorough transaction management system, which complies with Thai Law and ASEAN Capital Markets and Investments Standards, so that a property sale is completed legally and ethically, through our Thai and ASEAN Lawyers of Record. We perform inspections and prepare statutory disclosures prior to the listing of a property, so that there are no surprises during the offer acceptance and escrow period.

All buyers, agents and brokers who have buyers are pre-screened, prior to allowing them to see a property for sale, so that we know a potential buyer has the necessary finances to close. We are fluent in the English and Thai languages, thereby enabling properties for sale to be offered to a larger buying audience, in Thailand and overseas. We are in compliance with the ASEAN charter, finance and capital markets regulations, thereby streamlining the sale and offering of properties to be sold to a larger buying market, which includes all of the 10 Member States of ASEAN, as a Bangkok Real Estate Agent.

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