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Asean Business Advisory ServicesASEAN business advisory services were instrumental when Harley-Davidson® made headlines announcing the opening of a new plant in Rayong, Thailand.  Before, an American made and imported to Thailand motorcycle would be subjected to a tariff of up to 60%, but under the ASEAN trade deal, Harley-Davidson® is now able to assemble and manufacture in Rayong and export its motorcycles to the 10 member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations with a sizeable break in tariffs, due to the free-trade provisions between the ASEAN 10 member states, because of their implementation of skilled ASEAN business advisory services.

American and foreign companies may now overcome tariff barriers, enabling unprecedented key growth in ASEAN (Southeast Asia), furthering the achievement of economies of scale.  Simon Group Real Estate (Thailand) Co. Ltd provides skilled ASEAN business advisory services, so that an American or foreign company may establish their footprint in Thailand and grow within ASEAN, by providing our 6 point plan, which includes: business development and planning, strategic location scouting within the Special Economic Zones, facility development, IP registration and protection services, Thai labor and law compliance assistance, and applying for the incentives offered by the Thailand Board of Investment, Revenue Department and Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand.

A confidential RFP may be submitted by contacting us using the form below, for ASEAN business advisory services.

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