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Many Thailand property owners attempt to sell their own Bangkok real estate, without professional assistance, by calling countless agents, brokers, friends and family members to see if they can find a buyer. What this does causes frustration to the seller, because they have now placed themselves in the role of being a Thailand real estate expert, who must now use his or her time to manage the entire sales process, without professional assistance. And, by calling and offering countless people the possibility of earning a commission only de-motivates them, because they know that countless other calls have been made to several other people, with the same opportunity. Would you help a friend or family member sell his or her property, if you knew 60 other people had the same opportunity? What typically results is an offer or 2, but at a significantly reduced price, where the buyer usually does not have the financial capabilities to own such a property in Thailand.

So, why sell with Simon Group Real Estate (Thailand) Co. Ltd., The Sole Agency?

  1. By choosing to participate in our appropriately mined big data driven business core of analytics, globally targeted marketing & financial expertise, we save you time and money by broadcasting your property for sale to a highly targeted and active buying audience of brokers, agents and buyers, worldwide
  2. In addition to having an office at Silom Complex, we have offices in Southern California which actively sell and buy real estate and act as Sole Agents, since 2002, thereby allowing your Bangkok property for sale to be marketed legally and ethically in the USA, which will serve to increase your pool of available buyers.
  3. We will negotiate for you, so that you do not have to be the seller and negotiator.
  4. We have a thorough transaction management system, which complies with Thai Law and ASEAN Capital Markets and Investments Standards, so that your sale is handled legally and ethically, through our Thai and ASEAN Lawyers of Record.
  5. We are highly skilled at allowing and enabling a bidding war on your Bangkok real estate.
  6. We perform inspections and prepare statutory disclosures prior to listing your property, so that there are no surprises during the listing, offer acceptance and escrow period.
  7. All buyers, agents and brokers who have buyers are pre-screened, prior to allowing them to see your property, so that we know a potential buyer has the necessary finances to close.
  8. We are fluent in the English and Thai languages, thereby enabling your Thailand property to be offered to a larger buying audience, in Thailand and overseas.
  9. We are in compliance with the ASEAN charter, finance and capital markets regulations, thereby streamlining the sale and offering your property to a larger buying market, which includes the following member states: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Japan and South Korea.

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Hello, I’m Panjamaporn “Penny” Ampant, Director, Thailand & ASEAN Operations, 51% Majority Shareholder and a Licensed Real Estate Professional in California, with Simon Group Real Estate. I was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and am a “Thida Dome” Thai Beauty Pageant, sponsored by Thammasart University Foundation, runner up. Being born during the beginnings of the ASEAN Movement presented me with the unique opportunity to learn & apply trade, finance & investment unification to our real estate business & investment practices in Thailand & ASEAN. I welcome beginning discussions on how we are able to help you with your Thailand real estate needs, whether you are a homeowner, commercial property owner or developer, hotel/resort owner, or wish to sell your property, using our highly sought after Sole Agency Services in Bangkok, Thailand. I am fluent in English and Thai. Let’s talk: Line ID: pennythomas +1 (562) 881-6881

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Hello, my name is Thomas Simon, Broker of Record, CEO & 45% Minority Shareholder of Simon Group Real Estate (Thailand) Co. Ltd. We started in Bangkok, in 2013, as a way to celebrate our California Corporation, Simon Group Real Estate’s, 10 year anniversary. Since 2002, my areas of expertise are in residential & commercial real estate sales, investments & finance. In California, I am a licensed Real Estate Broker of Record & CEO of Simon Group Real Estate, and Co-founder of Advancing Ideas Foundation, Inc, Helping Endlessly, an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) public charity, whose mission is to provide free, lifelong learning opportunities, enabling people to improve their quality of life, by applying learned knowledge in any subject to their everyday lives. We are ASEAN compliant and are ready to assist with your Bangkok, Thailand and ASEAN real estate and investment needs, whether locally or abroad. I would love to speak with you. Line ID: thomassimon +1 (310) 919-6171

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